Q: When does the season start and end? Our season typically starts mid-March (weather permitting). There are seasons where we are able to do indoor conditioning and that will usually start mid-January and into February (depending on availability of training facility.) The final Championship meet is typically scheduled the last week of July. (Your athlete can advance based on performance of Association/Regional qualifiers).

Q: Where do we practice? We use two different outdoor facilities. We will alternate between the two. We practice at Cornell High School track (Coraopolis) & we also use RMU/Neville Island Sports Complex (Neville Island).

Q: What days/times do we practice? We will start with practice two days a week in the month of March (typically 6-7:30 depending on weather/light). We have not set the days yet, but we like to keep it the same through the month of March. April will go to three days a week. We will continue to practice through May, June & July as well.

Q: What is included with your registration fee? All athletes will receive a USATF membership (required), uniform & warm-up suit. There are 6-8 developmental meets and the costs associated with those meets are included in the registration fee. For the current registration costs, please use the contact the coach tab.

Q: Where are meets and how long do they last? Meets are every Saturday in May, June & July. We require the athletes to arrive at the meet at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet (typically 8:00 a.m. is arrival time.) Meets have been known to be over by late afternoon/early evening. There are different factors into the length of the meet. When your athlete has finished his/her events, they are permitted to leave the meet, provided they confirm with either Coach Terry or Coach Ty. The sites are determined typically by the end of February. We have traveled to all of the following in prior years: California University, Washington & Jefferson College, East Allegheny High School, Hempfield High School, North Allegheny High School, Penn Hills High School, Moon High School & Woodland Hills High School, just to name a few. Where the meets are held are based on the club hosting the meet. We will update our schedule page as soon as the information is provided. (Please see Meet Day Informational download in our downloads section.) Meets are held RAIN OR SHINE!

Q: What do the athletes need to have on meet day? Athletes are required to wear their uniform, warm-up, running shoes (to warm-up and/or compete in), track spikes (not mandatory, but helpful especially for sprinters), slides or sandals and a drawstring sports bag. They are to bring something to do/keep them busy. Please note, we are NOT responsible for any lost/stolen items. MARK YOUR ATHLETES FIRST & LAST NAME ON EVERYTHING!!

Q: What should parents bring on meet day? You are permitted to bring coolers to the meets. We suggest you fill the cooler with healthy snacks, sandwiches, fruit and plenty of water/Gatorade. There will be concession stands at all meets and the selection varies. If the weather calls for rain, please bring extra clothes/socks/rain gear for your athlete. PLEASE mark your name/athletes name on everything. If it is sunny, you will want to bring sunscreen as well. We do have tents that we sit under as a team, but when your athlete is waiting for their event, they will be in the rain/sun.

Frequently Asked Questions